Monday, January 30, 2012


Last year, we were able to ring in “National Metal Day” on 11-11-11. Just a few months later, it’s already time for another music holiday – “Intergalactic Prog Metal Day” or “Rush Day” on 2-1-12, according to BraveWords.

In celebration of Rush, their landmark album 2112 and all of the bands that have been influenced by Rush ever since, various radio stations, music stores and websites have special events planned.

Rush’s 2112 is probably the first album that can rightfully be called progressive metal, so it’s only appropriate we blast the album from the rooftops, from our cars, from our iPods, from everywhere, to celebrate this landmark album and Rush’s incredible longevity and lasting influence,” said Jeff Wagner, author of Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal.

Plus, Wagner’s got big plans for 2112 – the year, not the album: “We’re only a hundred years away now until 2112,” he said. “I'’l be waiting in my hypercube, ready for the big one!”

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