Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Alter Bridge
A young Alter Bridge fan says his first-ever rock concert experience has been ruined after he bought a live recording of the show after the event, but got home to find the memory stick was blank.
When his dad complained to the company behind the sale, they claimed they’d mailed a replacement five days before the show they attended. Eddie Trainer of Glasgow, Scotland, took his son Elliot to see the band on November 27 last year. Elliot, who was 16 at the time, purchased a £20 live recording on USB stick in the venue from Aderra Media Technologies. When they arrived home Elliot discovered the stick was blank.

Eddie, 50, says: “I emailed Mr Ed Donnelly, boss of Aderra, who said it sounded like the stick had ‘shorted out’ and promised to send a replacement. “That was November 29, after I’d sent nine messages to the firm. By December 6 I’d heard nothing so I contacted them again. Mr Donnelly claimed a replacement had been sent on November 22, but the Glasgow concert took place five days later. When I pointed that out he said there was a problem with Aderra’s shipping log and he’d get back in touch the next day. He didn’t.”

Donnelly told Rock News Desk: “We stand behind our services and are always glad to help fans who have questions or issues. When Mr. Trainer contacted us with this unusual problem I, the president of the company, personally took responsibility to rectify the issue.

“I did make an error about the shipping date which I promptly apologised for and corrected. A replacement flash drive was sent to his son which also included an additional free concert recording from the tour to make up for this inconvenience.”

But Elliot is still waiting for his replacement drive. And after more failed attempts to achieve satisfaction from Aderra, Eddie was told by Donnelly: “I believe you’ll be able to read the full story when Mr Kielty finishes his article.”

Elliot says the experience has been very disappointing. “I was looking forward to the gig and the whole night was incredible. It was a bit of a downer when I got the stick home and it was blank. These things happen.
“But to have been treated so badly by a company related to Alter Bridge is pretty bad. I can’t help wondering how many other people have been treated the same way.”

Dad Eddie adds: “Aderra are basically saying there’s no problem because they’ve released a statement saying there’s no problem. That’s simply untrue. I’ve now heard from a few people who got the same result at the Alter Bridge show.

“Aderra clearly don’t care about their customers. What they’ve done is nothing more than theft. It feels like a scam.”

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