Thursday, December 22, 2011


Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler admitted he is 'ashamed' of his past behaviour.

The Aerosmith front man was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey with his partner of seven years, Erin Brady.
Steven confessed that he regretted a lot of his rock star ways and in particular the hurt he caused other people: 'There was some behaviour I am ashamed of and I shouldn't have done,' he said in a clip which was released by ET. 'I don't want to hurt another human being'.

The American Idol judge has been married twice. In 1978 he married Cyrinda Foxe, who he divorced in 1987. He then married clothing designer Teresa Barrick in 1988 and they later divorced in 2006. He has also had a string high profile public romances including a brief fling with then-model Bebe Buell, with whom he fathered actress Liv Tyler.

Steven feels very guilty about the pain he caused his past loves with his womanising ways: "I don't want to hurt anybody again,' he said sadly. 'For all the divorces I've had I've hurt those girls deeply." Erin previously worked as an accountant for Aerosmith and had been on tour with the boys. She witnessed Steven's bad treatment of women but she felt confident she could change him.

"I saw him, how he behaved. badly, but I just said 'hey listen if you're going to play, I'm going to play. I just want to make that clear to you.' And he didn't really like it I don't think, when he was on the other side of that scenario,' she revealed.

Now that he has seen the error of his ways the 63-year-old is a very attentive boyfriend. Erin was eager to recall some of the sweetest things he had done for her: 'He went all the way to Alaska to visit my grandmother who I loved more than anything, who passed away a few years ago,' she remembered. 'And he was on tour and he took four days to come up to Alaska and meet her because we knew she wasn't going to be around for long. He did that for me and I'll never forget that.'

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