Friday, December 23, 2011


Rush’s sound engineer Rich Chycki has suggested on Twitter that the legendary Canadian trio has “wrapped up” the recording of forthcoming album Clockwork Angels.

Chycki’s Tweet said: “2 months at Revolution Studio in Toronto. Thanks for the hospitality guys! #wrapped”
Clockwork Angels has been a long project for Rush. In August 2010, guitarist Alex Lifeson remarked that an additional three songs were almost complete and that the album was turning out to be very musically diverse. In particular, Lifeson refers to the nearly finished title track “Clockwork Angels” as an “epic song” and a “multi-parted piece.”

Geddy Lee told Billboard in December 2011 the trio were “making sure the guitar, bass and drum sounds are big and loud and clear, and any time we are going to add an overdub, to make sure that it definitely is adding and not subtracting.”

Rush lyricist/drummer Neil Peart said in May 2011, “I intend it to be my highest achievement lyrically and drumming wise.”

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