Thursday, December 15, 2011


Queensrÿche are planning to hit the studio in 2012 to work on a follow-up to this year’s Dedicated to Chaos.

Speaking to the program The Men’s Room on Seattle’s KISW 99.9FM, singer Geoff Tate said the band had no dates planned beyond a January 13, 2012 show at the Peppermill Concert Hall in Wendover, Nevada. “We’re taking a year off and we’ll be working on a new album,” Tate said.

Dedicated to Chaos landed at #70 on the Billboard chart on its first week of release. The album is more experimental than previous Queensrÿche releases, and when Tate spoke to in June (read that interview here), he reflected on the weight of fan expectations. “We try really hard to stay out of categories and genres, and we don’t think of ourselves as anything other than Queensrÿche,” he said. “We don’t attach ourselves or our thinking or identity to any genre. But the industry is kinda built around selling a genre. So record companies have a difficult time with us because we don’t fit neatly into a little package that they can market.”

A few weeks ago founding Queensrÿche guitarist Chris DeGarmo, who left the band in 1998, told ESPN2’s Sportsnation he wouldn’t rule out a return to the band. “Well, I’ll never say never. I don’t know how likely it is, though. I’m still on good terms with anyone. I didn’t leave on any bad terms. We’re still connected and communicating.”

DeGarmo, who is now a professional charter pilot, wrote and recorded with the band on several songs from their 2003 album Tribe.

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