Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Music Matters
Music Matters launch the 'Your Music Finder' widget ' a comprehensive guide to consuming music in the modern digital era.

With more than 80 digital music services now licensed in the UK, Music Matters has today launched the 'Your Music Finder' widget ' a comprehensive online guide to buying and enjoying music ethically in the modern digital era.

The 'Your Music Finder' widget ' http://www.whymusicmatters.org/yourmusicfinder ' asks fans a series of questions about their listening preferences before suggesting options to help them navigate the burgeoning range of legitimate digital services as well as physical retailers. The widget is launched in partnership with a revamped retail section of the Music Matters website which also highlights those retailers and services that are Music Matters certified.

The Music Matters campaign will also be bringing music fans a series of special introductory offers, encouraging them to explore new services and new ways of buying and finding music, from open access streaming to paid-for downloads.

In sharp contrast to the period in the run up to Christmas which is a time of heavy CD buying, for the past five years the final week of the year has seen the highest digital album sales. As people spend music gift vouchers received at Christmas and also try out their new iPods, tablets and laptops, Your Music Finder couldn't arrive at a more useful time.

The Music Matters campaign aims to get people thinking about the story behind the music they listen to. It is easy to forget that behind each song is a team of dedicated professionals who make it happen. Once an artist has written a song there is then a long process before we can listen to the finished product. This process takes a lot of time and skill from not only the artists themselves but their music producers, engineers, instrument technicians etc; without the paid expertise of these people, it would be hard to maintain the quality of music we have today. The Music Matters campaign shines a light on all of these people and hopes to remind everyone who loves music to support them by accessing music from licensed (or legitimate) stores/sites.

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