Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Following last week’s series of 30th Anniversary concerts, Metallica have announced some goodies are now available for fans.

Here’s the word from Metallica: "Last week we celebrated our 30th anniversary together with Fan Club members from around the world by playing four nights at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco . . . it was quite the bash each and every night! If you were able to join us at any or all of the parties, thanks for coming out to hang with us. And whether or not you were there, you may have heard that we added some unreleased tracks from the “Death Magnetic” sessions to the set list – one “new” song each night as part of the shenanigans on stage".

"This week, we’re releasing those four tracks through iTunes exclusively in North America and on iTunes and additional digital retailers in other parts of the world as the "Beyond Magnetic" EP. All four studio versions of these songs were sent to Met Club members for free immediately following their live debut on stage at the Fillmore and tomorrow they will be available to everyone via the magic of digital downloading".

"They are the rough mixes, unfinished to their original degree of mixing from March of 2008, and those of you with very keen senses of sound might recognize bits and pieces from the ‘Mission Metallica’ videos posted in the summer of 2008. Thanks again to everyone who visited us in San Francisco. As Lars mentioned at the end of the last show, we’ll be back in January with an announcement about a special interactive fan event in June of 2012 . . . we may ask you to do a little traveling again!".

Metallica Beyond Magnetic EP

1 – Hate Train
2 – Just A Bullet Away
3 – Hell And Back
4 – Rebel Of Babylon

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