Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Blonde Redhead
Blonde Redhead's enigmatic frontwoman Kazu Makino has put together a stellar list of diverse artists who have contributed previously unreleased or rare songs for a charity album to raise money for Japan's recovery after their devastating tsunami earlier this year.

The album will be called We Are The Works In Progress and is not only going to a good cause, but it is a fascinating insight into the influences of Blonde Redhead.

American composer Terry Riley has reinvigorated a song of his from the 70s called 'G Song' with a newly recorded vocal accompaniment, spaced out electro artist Nosaj Thing has donated an exclusive song and Broadcast have dug out a previously only released on a limited edition vinyl song, making it one of their few releases since the tragic death of their singer Trish Keenan in 2011.

The album will be available via Makino's label Asa Wa Kuru (which translates to Morning Will Come) on January 10.

The full track listing is:

Four Tet ' Moma (previously unreleased)
Karin Andersson ' No Face (previously unreleased)
Terry Riley ' G. Song (reworked version with new vocals, previously unreleased)
Nosaj Thing ' Nightcrawler (previously unreleased)
John Roberts ' Berceuse (previously unreleased)
Blonde Redhead ' Penny Sparkle (Drew Brown remix) (previously unreleased)
Pantha du Prince ' Bird on a Wire (previously unreleased)
Broadcast ' In Here The World Begins (previously only available as a tour vinyl-only track)
Liars ' Drip (Blonde Redhead remix) (previously only available as a tour vinyl-only track)
Deerhunter ' Curve (previously unreleased)
Stalactite ' Stalagmite (previously unreleased)
John Maus ' Castles in the Grave (previously unreleased)
David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto ' Bamboo House
Interpol ' Song Seven

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