Monday, December 19, 2011


Gary Lightbody
Gary Lightbody talks about a bad experience he had on a flight six years ago travelling to Auckland he explains to the Huffington Post.

Lightbody was so terrified on the flight he ended up holding hands with Nathan Connolly the guitar player. He said the14 hour flight started off smoothly but then there was a loud boom.

'A thud like we'd been hit by a missile that shook through the plane like a lion's roar. This followed by a straight drop for about 500 feet (who knows but it felt like forever) until BOOM again on the underside of the plane where I'm guessing we were caught in the hand of heavier air. It felt, however, more like a spectacular punch in the ass.'

'Our guitar player Nathan was in the seat beside me and up to that point we had both been looking dead ahead, locked in frozen, silent panic that perhaps if broken by a glance either side would lead to the real rot setting in.

'Our eyes met and I swear to God I'm not ashamed to say it but at the exact same time we both reached for the other's hand our fingers locked and white in an ever tightening vice.

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