Friday, December 16, 2011


Coldplay's latest music video will feature topless girls, it has been reported.

The band's idea for their new single, Charlie Brown, was to film a warehouse party filled with half naked women. Their management placed and advert asking for extras and offering an additional £100 for any females willing to go topless for the shoot.

The statement asked for the women to be fashionable London types aged between 18 and 35. 'There was a huge response,' a source told British Publication The Sun."Of course there would be, it's Coldplay.' However, the source also revealed that the selected girls had a tough time stripping down. Filming lasted for three days in a freezing warehouse in London.

"The venue it took place in was a little chilly but, on the whole, everyone was well looked after. It was a long one though, starting from 9am to just before midnight over three days,' the source added. Although not the band's usual style, everyone is confident that the promo will look fantastic. Chris Martin and his three bandmates were reportedly thrilled with the results. "The video is going to look brilliant once it's finished," the source confirmed.

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