Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Robert Plant & Patty Griffin
A new rumor is circulating (and it didn't start in the National Enquirer) that Robert Plant and Patty Griffin are married.

Plant, of course, is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame former lead singer of Led Zeppelin and Griffin is the folk/Americana singer who has released seven albums since her 1996 debut, Living With Ghosts. The two have been working together over the last year with Griffin singing in Plant's Band of Joy.

Back on May 31, Austin360.com reported that Plant had flown in and was greeted at the airport by Griffin, saying they "reportedly made out, passionately, at baggage claim."

Then, earlier this week, Ultimate Classic Rock said that rumor were rampant that the two had married and that they "have been sporting wedding rings for at least the past several days, with the Led Zeppelin legend introducing Griffin to people as his wife."

There is no official confirmation and, according to the pairs publicist, "not to my knowledge"; however, Ultimate Classic Rock received a photo (which has since been removed at the request of other in the picture) that shows Plant and Griffin handing out candy on Halloween in Austin.

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