Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Noel Gallagher
It looks like Noel Gallagher counter-suing his brother Liam for libel claiming the singer tried to attack him with a guitar.

Liam first launched a libel case against Noel in August for allegedly lying about how the band split in 2009. The Daily Mirror has now reported that Noel has lodged papers claiming his brother left abusive voicemail messages on his wife Sara MacDonald's phone and disrupted gigs after drinking too much - as well as the attempted guitar attack allegation.

The 14-page document is believed to detail the decline of Noel's personal and professional relationship with his brother, now star of the band Beady Eye. According to the paper, Noel says the pair were not on speaking terms before he quit the band.

The guitarist claims the relationship deteriorated after he refused to allow free advertising for Liam's clothing range Pretty Green in the band's promotional material. Liam then allegedly began dedicating songs to Pretty Green staff on stage to wind his brother up. According to Noel, it was this "spiteful and childish" nature which led him to leave.

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