Monday, November 28, 2011


Nic Maeder
Gotthard have named Swiss-born multi-instrumentalist Nic Maeder as the successor to singer Steve Lee, who died in a motorcycle accident last year.

Maeder grew up dividing his time between Switzerland and Melbourne, Australia. The band began their singer search nine months ago, sifting through applications from all over the world: “Nic not only has a great voice and is a fantastic musician, but we also have a great person in our midst,” guitarist Leo Leoni said. “We can rock again at last.”

Drummer Hena Habegger said, “The search took a long time but it was clear to all of us when we met Nic that he was the right guy. With him we can enjoy the music again and celebrate new success. I’m really happy that we are continuing.”

To introduce Maeder to fans, Gotthard has made available a new song, “Remember it’s Me,” for free at their official website, The band is now in the studio working on a new album for release in the spring of 2012.

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