Thursday, November 3, 2011


British band Blur have been meeting up “regularly” and recording again, singer/lyricist Damon Albarn has confirmed.

Albarn told the NME that the Britpop band recorded a spoken word piece with poet Michael Horovitz earlier this year. The track was put together in response to the brief threat that 2011’s Notting Hill Carnival, in west London, would be cancelled. Albarn remains coy about whether the track will see the light of day, commenting:

“If they’d have cancelled the carnival – and thank God they didn’t – maybe we’d have put it out. It had its moment: it was a perfect plea to reinstate the carnival. So it wasn’t relevant – it was relevant for about 12 hours.”

A full Blur reunion might be hard. Albarn and guitarist Graham Coxon are still very much music people. But bassist Alex James is now a farmer/cheesemaker and also writes about food for various U.K. newspapers. Drummer Dave Rowntree is now involved in politics.

But Albarn adds that he still gets an “amazing feeling” from playing with Blur and hinted at plans to play live with the band – possibly outside the U.K. – in 2012.

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