Sunday, October 9, 2011


Dr. Feelgood
1959 Jerry Keller: 'Here Comes Summer' UK 45
1961 Ray Charles: 'Hit the Road Jack' US 45
1965 Beatles: 'Yesterday' US 45
1971 Rod Stewart: 'Maggie May' UK 45
1976 Dr Feelgood: 'Stupidity' UK LP
1993 Nirvana : In Utero: US LP
2005 Franz Ferdinand : You Could Have It So Much Better : UK LP

1940 John Lennon
1944 John Entwhistle (Who)
1948 Jackson Browne  
1967 Mat Osman (Suede)
1969 P.J. Harvey
1973 Terry Balsamo (Evanescence)
1975 Sean Ono Lennon

1958 Eddie Cochran records 'C'mon Everybody', using backtrack to a song with the same tune but different lyrics, called 'Let's Get Together'
1959 At the age of 21, Bobby Darin becomes the youngest artist ever to appear at Copa Room, Sands Hotel, Las Vegas
1959 Johnny and the Hurricanes debut on UK chart with 'Red River Rock'
John Lennon
1966 John Lennon and Yoko Ono meet for the first time at an exhibition at the Indica Gallery in London
1973 Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla are divorced
1975 On John Lennon's 30th birthday, he and his wife Yoko celebrate the arrival of their only child, Sean Ono Lennon
1980 Gary Glitter declared officially bankrupt
1980 John Lennon releases 'Just Like Starting Over' to celebrate his 40th birthday. Yoko hires a sky-writer to etch him a 'Happy Birthday' message above the New York skyscrapers.
1990 All four members of The Stone Roses were each fined £3,000 after being found guilty of criminal damage at their former record companies offices.

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