Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher has told the NME that his forthcoming solo album is “the best collection of songs I’ve written for a long time.”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds album will be released October 17 in the U.K. and Europe. It hits U.S. stores in early November. The former Oasis man says, “I know that this is the most concise, literal and lyrical album I’ve written for a long time and that says more about me as a songwriter because it's all me, apart from the drums and some of the keyboards: “I have no expectations for it, because all the things I expected from it, I’ve already achieved.”

Gallagher did say he thought rock ’n’ roll was currently in a bad place. “[The state of rock ’n’ roll is] really [expletive] bad now but when it’s bad there's someone somewhere like Ian Brown [Stone Roses], Liam [Gallagher, now fronting Beady Eye] or Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream] or a songwriter like me who can retell the story.

“That’s all rock ’n’ roll is – retelling this great story. Music snobs will think when this band come along that it’s all been done before, but it’s only a story that needs retelling for a new generation.
“Rock ’n’ roll is gone at the minute but it’ll never die… because Neil Young said so.”

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