Thursday, October 13, 2011


Motley Crue
Scammers who promoted a fake Motley Crue concert managed to rake in $60,000 before fans were alerted to the fraud.

Over 1500 people bought tickets priced around $40 for a non-existent show in Jakarta, Indonesia, advertised last month. On September 21 national media announced Crue would make their first visit to the country on October 8.

A day later the band released a statement saying they had no such plans – but tickets had been on sale since August and hundreds of fans had paid up by the time word got around. One victim of the scam, Dedi Supriadi, heard the news from Crue’s Twitter account, but it was too late to recover cash he’d handed over on August 20.

Supriadi tells Tempo Interactive: “They replied through Twitter that there is no concert in Indonesia. We only believed the concert was going to be held because we’ve been to many concerts before.”

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