Friday, October 7, 2011


Despite being famed teetotalers, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have announced official KISS wine and KISS beer. The legendary band has partnered with Rewine to bring the alcoholic beverages to Europe. No U.S. release has been revealed yet, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

KISS Zin Fire is a 2010 California Zinfandel that combines blackberry and pepper. KISS Destroyer Beer is a German beer with “balanced flavor” that will be available in cans and bottles: “This isn’t just something we put a label on,” Stanley said in a statement. “We wanted wine and beer unique to KISS and we got it. This stuff will set your taste buds on fire.”

Simmons added: “If you love beer and wine, this one is for you!” The wine is hitting Sweden, Norway and Finland first, then coming to Denmark, The Netherlands and the U.K. The wine is available now, but the beer won’t be available until next month.

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