Monday, October 17, 2011


Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Jon Spencer has spoken about writing new, aggressive music for his Blues Explosion.

Spencer spoke to Rolling Stone about the reissue of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion catalogue and mentioned that the band have been writing and making studio plans. While in Australia they recorded a version of the rock classic 'Black Betty' for a Volkswagen commercial that appeared during the Superbowl.

The recording session lead Spencer to think the 'small step' could mean 'a real possibility that the Blues Explosion could go in and try for a session in the studio'. He says the band have been 'chipping away' at new songs and have plans to head into a studio in Michigan to 'see what happens'.

Spencer admitted 'a lot of the material seems to be quite, I don't know, aggressive. It seems a bit like we've gotten back to some of the aggression, the confrontational nature of the earlier material. It's not as crazy as the stuff we did in the first two or three years, but there seems to be a little flavor of that.'

He was still reluctant to nail down any furtive release dates, since they're doing it themselves without a label, but he did say, ' think we're doing good work. It's enjoyable. I feel compelled to do it. There's a fire in my bones. But you know, I'm an older man now. I understand that when the record is ready, it'll be ready.'

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