Thursday, October 20, 2011


Keith Richards
While promoting his new album Bad As Me, due out next week, Tom Waits relayed the story of how Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards happened to get involved in the project.

"I was talking to the record company and they say, 'Any guests you want on the record?' And I said, 'What about Keith Richards?' I was just joking, but somebody went ahead and called him," Waits told Pitchfork. "And then he said, 'Yeah.' And I said, 'Now we're really in trouble.'

"I was really nervous. He came with about 600 guitars in a semi-truck. And a butler. We were in these huge studios in New York, like The Poseidon Adventure. Huge, high ceilings in these rooms like football fields. They'd fill these things up with orchestras and we were in there with five guys. It felt a little weird. He killed me. I was really knocked out that he played on all those things."

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