Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Billie Joe Armstrong
Billie Joe Armstrong is thoroughly 'embarrassed' that he had a mullet at school.

The star is the lead singer of band Green Day and prides himself on his dapper sense of style. Although he's happy about how he looks nowadays, it's not always been that way for the 39-year-old. ' was a terrible student, I just wasn't focused. I also had a mullet,' he admitted. 'The most embarrassing haircut I've ever had.'

Billie Joe also plays guitar for Green Day. He's been passionate about the instrument for years and enjoys buying new guitars when he has spare time. It's important to him that they feel right when he's playing them though, so he always practices before handing over any cash.

'Usually my own songs so I'll be able to hear what the guitar does,' he told Q, when asked what riff he plays. 'Obviously I try to make sure that no one's around watching me play my own songs.'

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