Friday, October 28, 2011


Dane Wolf
The mother of a popular metal roadie Dane Wolf has appealed for help after he was hospitalised in a violent attack while on the road with Anthrax.

Dane Wolf was part of the crew working on the current tour with support act Death Angel when he was seriously assaulted in Denver, Colorado, last week, sustaining a fractured skull and further serious injuries.
Now he’s facing medical bills and travelling costs, and he’s also out of pocket through not being able to work following the violent attack.

Wolf, who normally works with metal act Forbidden, reports: “My brain is there, and looks alright. The stitches come out in another week – chicks dig scars, right? I am trying a different pain medication to see if it can reduce side effects, as I am still battling major headaches as my fractures heal and the swelling subsides. I will be meeting with a specialist in Saint Louis to determine if I will require surgery to repair my orbital socket. Fingers crossed.”

Dane’s mum Jenna says: “Please help in whatever way you can by assisting with his bills, and upcoming travel expenses to and from Colorado when things go to court: “There will be additional medical costs in the future as well, as he continues to recover and requires follow-up care. Thank you so much for your continued support, and for sharing the link, and his story.”

Wolf is now at home with his mum and says: “We all know that no one takes care of you like mom does. The many positive actions this week so far out-way the negative in my mind: “I can’t help but look forward to getting healed and paying it back to others. I will be back in The Bay with all you crazy fuckers when I’m fully Dane again, and back out on the road with my brothers and sisters when duty calls.”

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