Friday, September 16, 2011


Yasmin Mitri & Richie Sambora
A woman branded “a £1000-an-hour tart who peddles cocaine” has said she was a victim of a tabloid trap set for Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

Model and actress Yasmin Mitri, who once dated the musician, has slammed reports published in Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World, which was closed last month after being caught hacking phones, bribing police officers and manipulating politicians. And she says her life was thrown into turmoil by some of the newspaper’s last lies.

Mitri tells Sleaze Roxx: “The article was a huge trap made by the News of the World after Richie left rehab. It came from an ex friend of mine who introduced me to Richie. She sold the story to a reporter, alleging I was a hooker. The reporter called me and told me he was a movie producer and he’d be able to manage my career, using my relationship with Richie to boost my profile. His article alleges I offered sex, including a threesome with another girl, in exchange for money. At no point did I bring up the subject of sex. Neither did I discuss any fees for sexual services. When the report asked me if I worked as an escort, I told him clearly I am not an escort. When he asked if I could arrange escorts I refused. At no point did he directly ask for sex, nor did I offer sex.”

The reporter moved on to the subject of drugs, says Mitri. “He enquired if I had ever taken any form of illegal substances. I said I’d tried cocaine five months ago. I admit I made a gross error of judgement – but that does not make me a ‘cocaine pedlar’ as the article suggests.”

Mitri is concerned the News of the World article has destroyed her career. “It’s caused me so much grief. It made me very ill,” she says. “Imagine that I left my home, family and friends to study hard and pursue my career, only to have people like this reporter destroy my life for nothing.”

She remains good friends with Sambora, who attended rehab earlier this year to deal with drinking issues. “Richie never drank anything with me and he doesn’t do any drugs,” she states. “He always supported me in my career.”

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