Sunday, September 25, 2011


No You Girls
"No You Girls" is a song from the Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand. It is the second single from their third album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. The song received worldwide attention after being chosen for use in an iPod advertisement.

It reached #22 in the UK Singles Chart two weeks before its official release, dropped to #24 the next week and then returned to #22 upon its official release. Although it therefore didn't fulfill its expectations before its physical release, it became (after "Do You Want To") the band's second longest lasting single in the UK Top 100, remaining there for ten weeks. Recently the song's intro was used in an episode of the TV show, Fringe, titled "Unleashed" and a part of the chorus was used during a party scene in the 2009 movie Sorority Row.
Taken from their recent album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, the single features remixes from Vince Clarke, Noze and John Disco.

The single was produced by Dan Carey and the band as part of the album sessions which took place at the band’s own HQ in Govan, Glasgow and Carey’s South London studio.

The track was debuted live on the 5th of August 2007 under the title "Katherine Kiss Me" but was subsequently changed little over a year later to "No You Girls Never Know" and then shortened, while a new, acoustic song called "Katherine Kiss Me" (following very similar lyrics to "No You Girls") was recorded for the album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.

The song is inspired by Alex Kapranos' first time he ever kissed a girl (whose name was Katherine) and "how awkward it was and how we misunderstood each other". "No You Girls" is how the story would be exaggerated or told as an anecdote and "Katherine Kiss Me" is about how it would remembered more tenderly. A slightly different edit of the song was sent to radio, mixed by Cenzo Townshend.

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