Friday, September 16, 2011


Artist: Alter Bridge
Title: AB III
Year: 2010
Genre: Post Grunge
Rate: 7,5

Review: Alter Bridge have crafted one of the best rock records of 2010 with AB III. In fact, it's a sprawling masterpiece that illuminates just how brilliant this band truly is, and it's going to make believers of the world. "Slip to the Void" thrives on a darkly enticing keyboard intro and Mark Tremonti's calculated thrash wizardry. Tremonti slides from a raw harmony into a searing solo that sets the stage for vocalist Myles Kennedy to belt with every inch of his heart and soul. Kennedy seesaws from a hopeful croon on "Wondeful Life" into remorseful poetry on "I Know it Hurts." He's the ultimate 21st century frontman, exuding a classic sense of attitude and a fresh introspective sensibility. In addition, he's got a voice that can't be beat. "Isolation" sees Kennedy and Tremonti locking in with a chemistry that's rarely seen these days. Tremonti's heavier-than-hell bridge breaks into a massive refrain from Kennedy, and the result is a fist-pumping, arena-filling anthem.
The rhythm section of Brian Marshall [Bass] and Scott Phillips [Drums] is tight and tough. They anchor "Fallout" and "Life Must Go On" with a rock solid rhythmic foundation that keeps the grooves impenetrable and infectious. Alter Bridge collectively shine on the dynamic "Ghost of Days Gone By," which comes on with the apparitions of classic records of yesteryear and timeless melodies. Everything culminates on the album's standout, "Words Darker than Their Wings." From the buildup, the song sounds like it could've been plucked off …And Justice for All, but there's an Alice In Chains-style dark elegance making it vulnerable and vibrant.
Blending epic harmonies and razor sharp riffing, it's a juggernaut of an album that places the band firmly in the rock 'n' roll pantheon forever...Meet Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips, the future of rock.

Tracklist: 1. Slip To The Void; 2. Isolation; 3. Ghost Of Days Gone By; 4. All Hope Is Gone; 5. Still Remains; 6. Make It Right; 7. Wonderful Life; 8. I Know It Hurts; 9. Show Me A Sign; 10. Fallout; 11. Breathe Again; 12. Coeur D’Alene; 13. Life Must Go On; 14. Words Darker Than Their Wings.

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