Thursday, September 1, 2011


Theory Of A Deadman
Theory of a Deadman kicked off the Carnival of Madness Tour earlier this month.

To celebrate Tyler tells us a little bit about some of his favorite Theory of a Deadman songs. Today he tells us about "Hurricane" from their new album, "The Truth Is...":
Hurricane was a chorus Idea I had from years ago that I never got around to finishing. On the new record The Truth Is… I started the idea backup. I was having a rough year and wanted to have a song that completely encapsulated how i felt at the time. The hurricane was a metaphor for the turmoil going on inside and around me. It's never revealed in the end if I myself am the hurricane destroying everything in my life. It's a very deep and emotional song for me, someone who usually sticks to lighter topics like Bad Girlfriend and Hate My Life. I wanted to show the diversity of my lyrics and story telling, and the dynamics of Theory of a Deadman rather than being pigeon holed as a fun party band. We had fun recording the song putting a stereo panning arpeggio guitar in the intro that gets faster and faster and the "riders on the storm" style sound effects to give the realism. I wanted to make the song as 3 dimensional as possible and have it be the centerpiece of the record. We later put a massive string arrangement on the song to top it off and Howard(producer) suggested a orchestral intro before the first verse which was a great idea.

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