Thursday, September 15, 2011


Michael Monroe
Michael Monroe says the tragic car accident involving Vince Neil and Razzle, claiming the latter’s life, acted as the catalyst for the demise of Hanoi Rocks in 1985 – but he insists he holds no grudges with the Motley Crue singer.

Monroe, who was Hanoi Rocks frontman, was devastated when Razzle was killed following a crash involving a car Neil was driving but while he confesses the band began to unravel after the accident he doesn’t feel Neil is to blame.

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx Monroe said: “There was a car accident where unfortunately our drummer (Razzle Dingley) was killed. That was one of the reasons that Hanoi Rocks disbanded. As far as Vince Neil I have nothing to say.It was an accident that surely all of us would like to put behind us already. I would never blame anybody for an accident — you can’t. What happened, happened, and I can’t change that. Everybody suffered from this and we’d like to put that behind us. Unfortunately for Hanoi Rocks we couldn’t keep it together after that happened, it was major blow for everybody. Let me say this, it wasn’t just that Razzle died, but Sami Yaffa left the band — we had no bass player and no drummer. The band was so much like a family, we were so young and close, that with those key losses we couldn’t keep it together after that.”

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