Friday, September 30, 2011


Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson has problems finding love because the 'worst' men she meets are also the most confident.

The American singer recently told fans she is openly looking for love. She made the announcement on Facebook and has now discussed why she finds dating so hard. The 29-year-old found fame on American Idol and has compared searching for Mr. Right to taking part in the talent television show.

She recently said - I think it was last night to my manager - I was like, 'You know what the problem is? It's like an American Idol audition. The worst ones are the most confident,' she laughed to Access Hollywood. 'And the same thing goes for my dating life. The worst guys are the most confident with me.'

Kelly explained she's often approached by people who would love to take her out. The issue she has is meeting someone she's attracted to and is a nice guy, as kind people tend to be scared of her success.
'The problem isn't getting offers - the problem is getting offers from someone you like, you know?' she explained. 't's really hard to find.'

For now Kelly has decided to put love on the backburner and focus on her career. Her new record is due out next month but she's already considering future collaborations. There are several big names she'd like to work with, including one British singer. 'I'd love to work with a lot of people. I love Adele,' she said. ' love what Justin Timberlake did with Reba McEntire on her duet album - I love how different that was. So I'd love to do something with him one day.'

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