Monday, September 26, 2011


Michaele Salahi & Neal Schon
Journey guitarist Neal Schon says his sudden reunion with former lover Michaele Salahi is a dream come true – despite the fact that two other relationships have been destroyed in the process.

The couple got back together last week after 15 years apart. Salahi’s husband Tareq reported she’d been kidnapped when she disappeared from their home without taking any possessions with her. But she turned up later that day with Schon at a Journey concert, and a spokesman confirmed the couple were “together.” She says the Salahis, who became tabloid TV stars after gatecrashing a White House function in 2009, got together because she was suffering from multiple sclerosis and decided she’d be better off with Tareq as his life was more stable than Schon’s rock musician lifestyle.

The guitarist tells the Daily Beast how she changed her mind while the three members of the love triangle were backstage at a Journey show: “What happened was, she takes of her wedding ring, okay, right in front of Tareq,” Schon says. “And then she proceeds to come into my dressing room where I’m sitting down. I have tennis shoes on and she’s, like, nine feet tall over me. And she looks down at me like she’s standing on stilts and says, ‘I love you, and that’s never going to change.’. And when that happened I said, ‘Get over here – this has taken 15 years!’”

Salahi says she had to fight the urge to leave with the guitarist that night: “I didn’t want to hurt anyone, but I realised I was hurting myself.” Instead she joined him nine days later. Meanwhile, Schon’s ditched partner Ava Fabian says she’s “very hurt” by the developments. The pair are believed to have married in France in July. Schon won’t discuss the details although it’s been suggested from some sources the union wasn’t official.

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