Thursday, September 8, 2011


Bono Vox
U2 frontman Bono was the butt of jokes cracked by pop star Kylie Minogue, comedian Michael McIntyre and even a member of his own band at an awards ceremony on Tuesday.

The singer attended the GQ Men of the Year event to accept Band of the Year alongside his colleagues the Edge and Adam Clayton. McIntyre, who was co-presenting the ceremony, started the roasting by saying: “Bono, when it comes to coolness, you always have the edge.”

Minogue then treated him like a roadie, telling him to adjust the microphone height for her. Then guitarist the Edge laughed at his bandmate for being the focus of attention, adding: “I am a middle child. I am in a band with Bono. If there any members of the print media here, please hack into my phone.”

In a post-event interview the singer said U2 wouldn’t be seen “for a while” and explained that, while they need a break, they were sorry to have wound up their two-year world tour. “They say every tour is ten days too long,” Bono reflected. “Not with this one. We genuinely loved every single night, and at the end we were so sad”. Commenting on the title of the ceremony he said: “Growing up is not something you’re supposed to do as a rock’n'roll act. But we became men.”

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