Friday, August 12, 2011


Steve Hackett
InsideOut Music have set a September 27th release date for Steve Hackett's new album "Beyond the Shrouded Horizon".

The album will be available as a 2 CD set that includes 6 previously unreleased tracks; vinyl LP with gatefold sleeve (including the album as digital download), and digital album. The album will be the focus of Hackett's "Breaking Waves" tour: Hackett says: "My new album 'Beyond the Shrouded Horizon' breaks free from its moorings in early autumn and sets sail through choppy riffs and sudden electric storms to the odd romantic isle..."

"From Sinbad seas to Star Trek oceans of deep sky, it's an odyssey. Invisible chords link pop to pomp, blues to baroque, embracing all genres discovered along the way. Let chthonic guitar forces and power of song take you to where waves crash through de-tuned orchestras over the edge of charted territories."
Available as: 2 CD set with six previously unreleased tracks / 180g vinyl gatefold LP (incl. the album as digital download) / digital album

Track Listing
1. Loch Lomond
2. The Phoenix Flown
3. Wanderlust
4. Til These Eyes
5. Prairie Angel
6. A Place Called Freedom
7. Between The Sunset And The Coconut Palms
8. Waking To Life
9. Two Faces Of Cairo
10. Looking For Fantasy
11. Summer's Breath
12. Catwalk
13. Turn This Island Earth

Bonus CD (Limited Special Edition only)
1. Four Winds: North
2. Four Winds: South
3. Four Winds: East
4. Four Winds: West
5. Pieds En L'Air
6. She Said Maybe
7. Enter The Night
8. Eruption: Tommy
9. Reconditioned Nightmare

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