Friday, August 19, 2011


Brian Johnson
AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson says that one of the keys to the hard rock legends' success is that they don't try to beat the clock. On the Nights with Alice Cooper radio show, the singer said that the band gets "worried" if time becomes a factor in the creative process.

"There's never any decisions made, that's the thing about AC/DC. Nobody makes any decisions. That's the wonderful thing about AC/DC, it just happens," he said. "Nobody says, 'Right, let's get in the studio by January.' That's because immediately we have an enemy – time. And that makes you worried and that makes you in a box and you have to think."

Following the 2008-10 Black Ice Tour – one of the most successful tours in music history – AC/DC aren't quite ready to hit the road again… yet. But they'll do their best to top themselves. "We'll try to make the next tour even better, we'll bloody try," Johnson said.

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