Saturday, August 20, 2011


Save Tonight
"Save Tonight" is a song by Swedish rock musician Eagle-Eye Cherry and the lead single from his 1997 debut album, Desireless.

It is the album's opening track and gained substantial radio success, reaching #3 in Ireland, #5 in the US, #6 in the UK, and #2 in Cherry's native Sweden. "Save Tonight" is considered the signature song of Eagle-Eye Cherry.

The monochrome video for the song features Cherry playing different characters and seeing the story from different perspectives. At first, he is a man getting ready for a date by buying some roses and a bottle of wine at a deli. He then tells the butcher "goodbye" and the camera reveals that the butcher is in fact Cherry himself. A robber wearing a ski mask then comes along and takes the money out of the cash register. As he leaves, however, he is run over by a pickup truck, and as bystanders help him up, he is revealed to be Cherry, as is the driver in the truck. Another Cherry is seen playing a guitar and another is a bum on the street. The "first" Cherry appears once again at the end of the video, apparently walking to his date's place. The video presents itself as being one continuous take.

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