Thursday, August 4, 2011


Mr Tambourine Man
"Mr. Tambourine Man" was the debut single by the American band The Byrds and was released on April 12, 1965 by Columbia Records.

The song, written by Bob Dylan, was also the title track of the band's debut album, Mr. Tambourine Man, which was released on June 21, 1965. The single, along with the album of the same name, was influential in originating the musical style known as folk rock, with the single becoming the first folk rock smash hit. Indeed, the term "folk rock" was first coined by the U.S music press to describe the band's sound at around the same time as "Mr. Tambourine Man" peaked at number 1 on the Billboard chart.

The single initiated the folk rock boom of 1965 and 1966, with many acts imitating the band's hybrid of a rock beat, jangly guitar playing and poetic or socially conscious lyrics. This hybrid had its antecedents in the American folk revival of the early 1960s, The Animals' rock-oriented recording of the folk song "The House of the Rising Sun", the folk-influences present in the songwriting of The Beatles, and the twelve-string guitar jangle of The Searchers and The Beatles' George Harrison. However, it was The Byrds who first melded these disparate elements into a unified whole, creating a template for folk rock that would prove successful for many acts during the mid-1960s.

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