Friday, August 5, 2011


Jeff Porcaro (Toto)
1965 Beatles : Help! : UK 45
1978 Rolling Stones: 'Miss You' US 45
1989 Jive Bunny: 'Swing the Mood' UK 45
1989 Gloria Estefan: 'Cuts Both Ways' UK LP
2001 David Gray : White Ladder : UK LP

1947 Gregory Leskiw (Guess Who)
1947 Rick Derringer  
1953 Samantha Sang (Emotions)
1955 Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister)
1959 Pete Burns (Dead or Alive)
1959 Pat Smear (Foo Fighters)

1992 Jeff Porcaro (Toto)
1993 Randy Hobbs (McCoys)
2008 Robert Hazard

1966 Beatles release 'Revolver' album
1967 Pink Floyd release 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn'
1967 Bobby Gentry debuts on US chart with 'Ode to Billy Jo' on way to No. 1
1972 Aerosmith signed to CBS Records for $125,000 after record company boss Clive Davis saw them play at Max's Kansas City Club New York.
1974 Girl group Runaways (including Joan Jett) formed by Kim Fowley
1975 Stevie Wonder re-signs to Motown for $13 million - the biggest deal ever
1978 Pete Meaden former manager and publicist for The Who committed suicide.
1979 Def Leppard signed to Phonogram records with an advance of £120,000 pounds ($180,000) giving them a 10% royalty on 100% of sales for the first two years.
1983 David Crosby was sentenced to five years in jail in Texas for cocaine and firearms offences.
1986 Session musician Michael Rudetsky found dead in Boy George's Hampstead home.
2009 A 53-year-old who claimed he was secretly engaged to Miley Cyrus was charged with trying to stalk the US singer.

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