Friday, August 12, 2011


"Wood And Stone"
Artist: Tara Nevins
Title: Wood And Stone
Year: 2011
Genre: Country Rock
Rate: 6,5

Review: Tara Nevins is a Nashville-based country/bluegrass troubador with an abundance of talent and songwriting chops. A founding member of Donna the Buffalo, Nevins brings her considerable skills to her latest full-length, Wood and Stone, a wide-ranging affair encompassing all manner of rootsy Americana, spiced with Nevins’s voice and multi-instrumentalist skills, served up in a package that is polished but never slick. Nevins, in other words, is the real deal.

Opener “Wood and Stone” offers a chugging country rhythm propelled by squawking fiddle, dextrous banjo, and a thumping rhythm section. This is bluegrass by way of rock ‘n’ roll, and it works gloriously. Follow-up tunes “All I Ever Needed” and “You’ve Got It All” keep the tempos upbeat even as the vibe turns more purely country. They aren’t quite up to the standard set by the opening track, but in Nevins’s defense, she set that standard mighty high.

Wood and Stone is a hard-to-pigeonhole album because the artist is so adept in utilizing varied elements to create consistently powerful songs. Some of the more purely country tracks are less memorable than the others, but overall this is a strong record, and one which should raise Nevins’s profile.

Tracklist: 1. Wood And Stone; 2. All I Ever Needed; 3. You've Got It All; 4. You're Still Driving That Truck; 5. Who Would You Tell; 6. Snowbird; 7. Nothing Really; 8. What Money Cannot Buy; 9. The Wrong Side; 10. Stars Fell On Alabama; 11. Down South Blues; 12. Tennessee River; 13.Beauty Of Days Gone By.

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