Friday, August 26, 2011


"The Double Cross"
Artist: Sloan
Title: The Double Cross
Year: 2011
Genre: Pop Rock
Rate: 6,5

Review: Fans of Argy Bargy-era Squeeze will find a lot to love on the tenth studio album by this Canuck quartet, whose impeccable power pop has often felt like the apotheosis of the genre. "Follow the Leader," "Shadow of Love," and "Your Daddy Will Do" in particular gleefully flaunt their makers' keyboard-patterned skinny ties. But while the hooks and harmonies rarely disappoint, the presence of multiple lead vocalists on each record has, over 20 years, led to a niggling colorlessness, which may account for the band's cult status in these lower 48. Democracy: not always a good idea.

Tracklist: 1. Follow the Leader 2. The Answer Was You 3. Unkind 4. Shadow of Love 5. She's Slowin' Down Again 6. Green Gardens, Cold Montreal 7. It's Plain To See 8. Your Daddy Will Do 9. I've Gotta Know 10. Beverley Terrace 11. Traces 12. Laying So Low.

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