Monday, August 8, 2011


"Burning At Both Ends"
Artist: Set Your Goals
Title: Burning At Both Ends
Year: 2011
Genre: Punk
Rate: 5

Review: When Set Your Goals made the jump from Eulogy to Epitaph for their sophomore effort, This Will be the Death of Us, they separated themselves from the pop-punk crowd; combining saccharine sweet melodies with aggressive hardcore is a fine tight rope to walk, but it’s one that the San Francisco sextet did well. The positively received disc and their exhaustive touring schedule led to the much anticipated release of their third album, Burning at Both Ends. Unfortunately, the promise set forth on Death of Us has not come to fruition.

The problem is not that much of the material on Burning at Both Ends is bad. On the contrary, there are several solid tracks and almost no terrible ones. A good portion of the disc, however, is just plain mediocre or leaves you with a feeling of musical blue balls. For example, the promising and blistering melodic hardcore opening of “Exit Summer” bleeds into a blah, too pop by half-chorus. Nostalgic posturing litters the disc, including tracks with lines like “I always want to feel this young” and a song about losing one’s virginity (“The Last American Virgin”). The Bay Area rockers do their own I Love the ‘80s episode, dropping references to Van Halen, Punky Brewster, Kiss, and Friday the 13th in “Product of the ‘80s”. The boys remind us just how old they are pointing out they grew up without DVDs, MP3s, or plasma screens. Can you imagine?!

Tracklist: 1. Cure For Apathy; 2. Start The Reactor; 3. Certain; 4. Happy New Year; 5. London Heathrow; 6. Trenches; 7. The Last American Virgin; 8. Exit Summer; 9. Unconditional; 10. Product Of The 80′s; 11. Raphael; 12. Illuminated Youth; 13. Not As Bad.

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