Monday, August 29, 2011


"Little Bird"
Artist: Kasey Chambers
Title: Little Bird
Year: 2011
Genre: Country Rock
Rate: 7

Review: For those listeners old enough to remember those classic Nanci Griffith albums from the ‘80s (Once in a Very Blue Moon, Last of the True Believers, Little Love Affairs), the latest Kasey Chambers release will serve as a welcome return to that thrilling country-folk-pop-rock sound of yesterday. On songs such as “Someone Like Me” and “Beautiful Mess”, Chambers’ sweet vocals and earnest declarations of love recall the best of Griffith and that era’s music.

For those too young to remember music from back then, these songs will be a revelation. Chambers wears her heart on her sleeve, even when she knows it will come back broken. That doesn’t mean she’s a pushover, just a romantic who chooses to act on her impulses. She conveys this with an angelic voice that suggests innocence even when she’s singing out of experience.

Chambers’ talents as a songwriter and performer allow her to take full advantage of this phenomenon. On the title track, “Little Bird”, Chambers croons self-effacing lyrics, in a little girl voice, about all the sacrifices she could make to get her boyfriend back. However, in a surprising twist, the chorus declares, “But I don’t want you that bad”. Sure, she could be the submissive girlfriend and get her man, but she understands that he is not worth the trouble.

Tracklist: 1) Someone Like Me; 2) Beautiful Mess; 3) Devil On Your Back; 4) Little Bird; 5) Georgia Brown; 6) Somewhere; 7) This Story; 8) Love Like A Hurricane; 9) Down Here On Earth; 10) Nullarbor (THe Biggest Backyard); 11) Bring Back My Heart; 12) Invisible Girl; 13) Train Wreck.

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