Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"Welcome To The Wasteland"
Artist: Bad City
Title: Welcome To The Wasteland
Year: 2010
Genre: Glam Rock
Rate: 7

Review: It’s kinda funny that in the heart of the city that is riddled with crime and corruption you had a power pop band called Powerspace. That band was extremely talented, releasing one EP back in 2006 called “Houston, We Have a Party”, a full-length in 2007, “The Kicks of Passion”, and were about to release their second full-length called “American Machine” in 2010 when meltdown took over.

That same year four of the five original members re-launched a new project in the name of Bad City, adding vocalist Josh Caddy and an entity was born. The band hit the studio with Grammy Award-nominated producer Johnny K and the magic came to be their debut CD “Welcome To The Wasteland”. Right after the completion of the CD the band gained the attention of Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame who invited the band on their 2010 summer tour. 

Welcome To The Wasteland” has just hit the stores and being well received. So let’s check out what all the excitement is about. The opening track “Showdown In Central Park” is a shock to the system bringing back vibes of Kix and is a total throwback to the eighties with killer lead vocals by Caddy and some whoop-ass harmonies, and how can you deny the dual guitars of Tom Schleiter and Max Perenchio; just unbelievable. You know I get knocked all the time because I like this stuff but you can bet all those fuckers who don’t like this stuff are those fucking alternative bitches or the young kids that are stuck on the friggin’ Jonas Bros! Back in the eighties this type of sound was the mainstream and Bad City is bringing it back. Check out “Do You Believe In Rock N Roll” as it has all the makings of Queen

You wanna hear an explosive ballad than check out “Fire in the Pouring Rain”; this is friggin’ unbelievable. A lil’ harmonica, a cool beat and what can we name it? How about “Call Paul Stanley”! No shit, really! These are tracks you can sing along to and just have fun with it. This brings back so much from the L.A strip bands like Ruby Slippers, some Nick Gilder ala “Hot Child in the City” and so many others. 

Getting a little heavier with “Look Out!” It’s fast-paced killer rock that picks it up a notch. You gotta check out the vocals of Josh Caddy on “Touch”. These guys are all about putting the fun back into rock, just like Kix did (and still does). The CD ends with “Straight To The Grave” which is another great rock tune. There is not one bad song on this entire CD. Look for this to be a top release on many “best of” lists at the end of the year. I know it will be on ours! 

Tracklist: 1. Showdown in Central Park; 2. Take Me For A Ride; 3. Do You Believe In Rock N Roll; 4. Wildlife; 5. Fire In The Pouring Rain; 6. Call Paul Stanley; 7. Heatwave; 8. Look Out!; 9. Touch; 10. Straight To The Grave.

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