Sunday, August 28, 2011


Judas Priest
Judas Priest have distanced themselves from public comments made by frontman Rob Halford’s manager in which he called other businessmen associated with the band “leaches”.

The disagreement fuelled speculation that the gods of metal were suffering from internal business disagreements which contributed to the surprise departure of guitarist KK Downing, who mentioned “management elements” in his resignation statement. But the band say even Halford doesn’t agree with what was said, and they’ll deal with the situation behind closed doors.

John Baxter, who’s worked with the singer’s Metal God Entertainment firm for years, recently posted a message on saying: “We will begin removing Judas Priest related topics from its websites in protest at Glenn Tipton (decision maker), Jayne Andrews (amateur thug for Glenn, can’t trust, leach), Bill Curbishley (apathetic leach) and John McBrice (unlicensed, unregistered accountant, leach) for lack of professional and ethical conduct as it relates to Rob’s business matters for much of the last six years. “Rob will publicly deny the above, so we will take a seat next to KK Downing and watch how the Glenn and Jayne show plays out.”

Later he deleted the message and said: “I withdrew my comments for I chose not to sit on the sideline. I have resolved all matters and I will share general details once the lawyers clean up.” He added: “Rob Halford’s participation in Judas Priest’s farewell tour was never an issue.”

Now the band have added their own statement, denying shy such problems existed. They say: “There has recently been some nonsense and propaganda on Rob’s site regarding the band and management. Rob currently is not controlling his site and absolutely does not agree with the comments. “We refuse to get drawn into any public arguments. It is below us, and will be dealt with legally. The band have always jointly made any major decisions and have been with the same management team for over 25 years. Everyone knows and respects them in the music business and we have ultimate faith and trust in the way they have guided us.”

Priest are continuing their Epitaph world tour, which they’ve said will be their last, then they’ll continue work on an album with Downing’s replacement Richie Faulkner.

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