Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Elton John
Elton John who has revamped his old Rocket Records label through a new business, the Rocket Music Entertainment Group, with artists James Blunt, Lily Allen and Ed Sheeran – has said he'll begin his new album with T Bone Burnett next January.

According to a new interview in Music Week magazine, Elton said: "We've booked two weeks in the studio in January and Bernie [Taupin] is writing as we speak and I just want to make an album of good songs. I'm just going to go in the studio and write and see what happens and maybe just write before I go in and I really enjoyed working with T Bone and look forward to that experience again."

He also said he was delighted to see Leon Russell's career back on track after their collaboration on The Union last year. "He's got money in the bank, his fees have gone up, he's happy," said Elton. "He now wants to make a record to define himself, so it opened the door for him in a big way. Everything I wanted to do [with him] has been achieved. He's got his respect back. My main concern was he was being neglected and forgotten about and he wasn't just a one-track writer. He wrote so many great songs and was so integral on other people's records."

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