Thursday, August 25, 2011


Bruce Springsteen
We all know Bruce Springsteen is The Boss of rock…but it turns out he could also be New Jersey’s boss, if he wanted to.

A hypothetical survey by Public Policy Polling puts Springsteen ahead of Republican incumbent Chris Christie as New Jersey’s next Governor.

Christie’s approval rating currently sits at 43%, but the survey suggests that Springsteen would get the gig if he ran as a Democrat in the 2013 election.

PPP reports they added Springsteen’s name to their survey “just for fun,” to see how the rocker would fare in a run against Christie. Each would start out at 42%, but there's a lot more room for growth for the Boss because while only 4% of Republicans are undecided, 23% of Democrats say they're not sure who they would vote for. If Springsteen ran and came across as a credible candidate he'd likely see a large increase in that Democratic support.

Springsteen has favorability numbers any politician would die for: 50% of voters see him positively to only 22% with an unfavorable opinion; he has favorable numbers across party lines although perhaps because of his well known politics he's seen a good deal more positively by Democrats (63/10) than Republicans (38/35).

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