Thursday, July 7, 2011


Vikk Real
A weekend motorcycle accident claimed the life of the leader of local motorcycle club and heavy metal musician Vikk Real (Byfist, Fiarro).

According to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, Victor Villarreal, 41, was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a horse trailer being hauled by a pickup truck. The accident happened just after 10 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of Potranco Road and Sundance Crest.According to accident reports, Villarreal was attempting to make a U-turn when his bike got tangled up with the passing horse trailer.

Friends said Villarreal was trying to turn around to get back to one of his riding partners, who had broken down. Jose Lopez, Villarreal's brother-in-law, co-founded the Sentinels Motorcycle Club with Villarreal a few years ago. The family-oriented club was often involved in fundraisers and other charitable events that benefited various community groups.Lopez said Victor was heading out to get some pizza with two other riders when the accident occurred less than a two-minute ride from Villarreal's home."We know the risk that every time we jump on a bike. There's certain risks out there, and we try to watch out for those risks," Lopez said.

Villarreal was wearing a helmet when the crash happened, and Lopez said he often stressed safety to the other club members. He would even discuss other accidents with club members to make sure they could learn from others' mistakes.This is the second time tragedy has struck the Villarreal family in less than 12 months.

Last year, on July 27, Villarreal's wife, Jessica, was killed on her 37th birthday while riding her motorcycle out to Medina Lake.

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