Monday, July 4, 2011


Screaming Trees
The 'lost' album ' featuring Josh Homme and Peter Buck ' from grunge stalwarts Screaming Trees will finally be released.

Pitchfork reveals that the album was recorded at Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard's studio in 1998 and '99, just before the band broke up in 2000. It was never mixed or released but now the band's drummer Barrett Martin plans to do both.

The album, which will be called Last Words: The Final Recordings, has now been mixed by Seattle legend Jack Endino and even features a guest spot by R.E.M.'s Peter Buck and their touring guitarist at the time, Josh Homme, now better known as the mastermind behind Queens Of The Stone Age.

There are no plans for a reunion though, as a press releases notes 'the band members are finally well-adjusted adults who actually get along with each other and have happily moved on with their lives."

Singer Mark Lanegan continues to collaborate and record albums (most recently with Isobel Campbell on the haunting Hawk album), guitarist Gary Lee Connor records with his new band Microdot Gnome, bassist Van Connor plays in alt-metal band VALIS and Barrett is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and writer.

Last Words will be released digitally on Martin's Sunyata Music label on August 2, with physical versions to come.

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