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"No Time To Lose", Tarney Spencer Band
"No Time To Lose" is a song written and performed by Australian rock band Tarney Spencer Band, and included in their 1979 album Run For Your Life.

The band recorded three albums, and is notable for the song "No Time to Lose" which received substantial air-play in the USA on Album-oriented rock radio stations, and charted twice on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Their third album, Run For Your Life (2nd for A&M), recorded in the USA, again produced by David Kershenbaum appeared in 1979. Again, with airplay at AOR radio, the album charted in the US reaching #181. One of the album's tracks, "No Time To Lose" was released as a single and rose to number #84 on the singles chart. The album cover sleeve was manufactured with four slightly different cover sleeves: red, green silver and gold with a library of paper-back novels as a artwork theme. The British version of this album sleeve is completely different with a female shin with stileto shoe avoiding an oncoming sports car.

After the release of a non-LP single, "Cathy's Clown" b/w "If there's anything I can do" , with picture sleeve, this time produced by Bruce Welch, in 1979, the band was released from their contract with A&M and discontinued their work together as Tarney-Spencer Band. The Cathy's Clown single received a substantial and solid six weeks of intensive air play on London's Capital Radio but again just missed the bottom end of the national chart.

Two years after the band broke up, the track "No Time To Lose" got the attention of MTV. In 1981, when MTV launched, the channel occasionally aired a video clip for "No Time To Lose". A&M then reissued the track as a single. The song charted a second time on Billboard's Hot 100, fairing slightly better that the first time around, reaching #74.Their biggest achievement, "No Time To Lose" has never officially seen mainstream release on CD, either as part of the Run For Your Life album or on a various artist compilation.

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