Friday, July 22, 2011


1965 Byrds: 'Mr. Tambourine Man' UK 45
1989 Martika : Toy Soldier : US 45
1989 Sonia: 'You'll Never Stop Me Loving You' UK 45
1989 Simply Red : A New Flame : UK LP
2006 Johnny Cash : American V : US LP

1941 George Clinton (Parliaments)
1944 Rick Davies (Supertramp)
1946 Estelle Bennett (Ronettes)
1947 Don Henley (Eagles)
1956 Mick Pointer (Marillion)
1963 Emily Sailers (Indigo Girls)
1967 Pat Badger (Extreme)
1973 Daniel Jones (Savage Garden)
1973 Rufus Wainwright

1963 'Introducing the Beatles' is released in US on Vee Jay Records. It stiffs. Capitol subsequently wins exclusive rights
1967 Monkees hit US chart with 'Pleasant Valley Sunday', on way to No. 3
Don Henley
1969 Led Zeppelin awarded gold record for first LP
1969 Aretha Franklin was arrested for causing a disturbance in a Detroit parking lot.
1972 The Who hit US chart with 'Join Together', their eleventh Top 40 hit
1972 'Eagles' LP hits US Top 40
1972 Paul and Linda McCartney were arrested in Sweden for possession of drugs.1977 Stiff Records release 'My Aim Is True' LP by Elvis Costello, featuring 'Allison'
1978 'Dire Straits' takes band on to UK LP chart for the first time
1979 Little Richard, now known as the Reverend Richard Pennman told his congregation about the evils of rock & roll music, declaring 'If God can save an old homosexual like me, he can save anybody.'
1989 Courtney Love married her first husband James Moreland who was the singer with LA band Leaving Trains.
1989 Guns' 'Taking on the World' hits UK LP chart
1996 Donovan was forced to postpone a comeback tour of the US because of a 30-year-old marijuana conviction in the UK.
1997 Elton John and Sting are among the mourners at designer Gianni Versace's funeral in Milan. Elton and Sting sang an arrangement of Psalm 23.
1999 Simple Minds closed their official fan club due to dwindling membership.

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