Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"Get Your Heart On!
Artist: Simple Plan
Title: Get Your Heart On!
Year: 2011
Genre: Pop Rock
Rate: 6,5

Review: It’s a testament to their legacy that this album features the likes of Rivers Cuomo and Alex Gaskarth in guest spots (as well as – weirdly - Natasha Beddingfield), but for the most part, Simple Plan are still the same old pop-punk band peddling the same old tricks they have been for over a decade.

Still, it’s hardly a formula that’s done them anything other than incredible favours over the years and if you don’t expect more than uber-cheesy hooks and good time choruses, you won’t go far wrong here. Curious guest vocals or not, this is still above average dude rock from the Canadian five-piece.

But when it comes to hooks, Simple Plan are almost business-like in their ability to pack melodies into every verse, chorus, and guitar riff. The guys have been taking notes during their decade-plus career, and Get Your Heart On! manages to sound young at heart without making most of the mistakes that plague albums by younger groups.

Track List: 1 You Suck at Love; 2 Can't Keep My Hands Off You; 3 Jet Lag; 4 Astronaut; 5 Loser of the Year; 6 Anywhere Else But Here; 7 Freaking Me Out; 8 Summer Paradise; 9 Gone Too Soon; 10 Last One Standing; 11 This Song Saved My Life.

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