Thursday, July 7, 2011


"Stand Your Ground"
Artist: Mike Tramp  
Title: Stand Your Ground
Year: 2011  
Genre: Rock
Rate: 7,5

"Stand your Ground" is a very telling title about Rock N' Roll survivor Mike Tramp. Tramp has always followed his dreams and stayed true to Rock N' Roll. The album follows the Danish only release "The Rock N Roll Circuz" from 2009. This album is recorded with the same line-up as the predecessor. The band is tight and sounds like a well-oiled machine after playing 100 shows in support of "The Rock N' Roll Circuz".

Stylistic the album is natural follow up to "Rock N Roll circuz" and yet... Mike Tramp has succeeded in making an album that sound-wise is much like "Capricorn" and "Stand Your Ground" is also his most rocking album since "Capricorn". In my book "Capricorn" is a fantastic album and ranks among my top 20 albums ever, so the fact that "Stand Your Ground" compares with "Capricorn" is huge.

Album opener Don't Let Them Put it on You is one of the best Mike Tramp solo songs. For a while his fans have hungered for a full blown rock track and the opener only leaves high expectations for the album. The album has almost everything; Radio friendly Rock on Distance, a breathtaking ballad Straight From the Look in My Eyes and a tough bouncy moody rocker The World is Changing. Mike Tramp pays kudos to his former touring mates AC/DC on the simple rocker Gotta Get Away - check out the Whole Lotta Rosie middle play. Wish you Well is an earhanger, while you cannot avoid tipping your toe to Alright by Me.

The album is consistent with a rich full sound. Guitarist and co-producer Soren Andersen has put some fire into Mike Tramp's songs. Even though Mike Tramp is the leader, vocalist and main song writer the album sounds like a band effort. The guitars are juicy and it suits Tramp's songs with an Americanized Rock N Roll sound.

Track List: 01. Don't Let Them Put It On You; 02. Alright By Me; 03. Distance; 04. Gotta Get Away; 05. Straight From The Look In My Eyes; 06. Got Me Crazy; 07. Wish You Well; 08. World Is Changing; 09. Prettiest Thing; 10. Say What You Will; 11. The Soldier Never Started A War; 12. Hymn to Ronnie.

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