Friday, July 29, 2011


"Kill All Control"
Artist: George Lynch
Title: Kill All Control
Year: 2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Rate: 7

Review: Guitarist George Lynch returns with his latest solo album Kill All Control. You know him from the ‘80s with Dokken, and later he formed the infamous Lynch Mob. Over the years, Lynch has maintained a steady release of solo records, while keeping Lynch Mob alive and kicking in various incarnations. Chances are that a complete Dokken reunion never will happen; however, Lynch doesn’t live in the past. He continues to expand on his fret board wizardry and add to his catalog of music.

Following up on his latest solo project, Souls of We, Lynch, along with vocalist London Legrand (Brides of Destruction) and drummer Adrian Ost (Powerman 5000), put together a majority of the music for Kill All Control within 10 days. Lynch’s guitar playing always has included his flair for exotic explorations, which he has expounded and expanded on during his 30-plus years as a musician. With Kill All Control, he falls back to the foundational premise of his 1993 solo album, Sacred Groove, which featured a who’s who of hard rock’s premier vocal talent.

Kill All Control features Keith St. John (Montrose, Burning Rain), Will Martin (Earshot), Marq Torien (Bulletboys) and Fred Coury (Cinderella). Each guest makes an appearance on the 13-track release. Burning Rain fans will recognize Keith St. John’s voice on “Resurrect Your Soul,” “Rattlesnake,” “Man on Fire” and as backing vocals on many other songs on the CD. Fred Coury lends his skills to the instrumental song, “Son of Scary,” which tips it hat to the Grammy-nominated “Mr. Scary” from Dokken’s Back for the Attack album release in 1988.

Kill All Control lives and breathes with Lynch coaxing harmonic screams, melodic phrasing, smooth legato runs and unique chord arrangements from his guitar. The vocalists take their opportunities to lay down stellar vocal performances throughout the album. The eclectic group brings varied genres of rock into the mix and creates nuances that include traditional hard rock, alternative and modern rock. They also work together to create full, thick melodic choruses that are quite memorable. Keith St. John really shines here. If you like his voice, check out his work with Doug Aldrich in the band Burning Rain.

People would really like to hear Lynch shred, but he is truly at home in the vocal-guitar-bass-drums band format. His guitar style allows the music to breathe as his rhythm playing doesn’t dominate or over power the vocals. In fact, his snake-like slithering approach intertwines within the confines of the music in such a way that he really is shredding throughout the album. He never stays in positions in which he is just hammering out rooted 5th power chords. His use of all six strings in the rhythmic passages gives the guitar a big, dynamic sound.

Tracklist: 1. Kill All Control; 2. Done; 3. Fly on the Wall; 4. Brand New Day; 5. Wicked Witch; 6. Man on Fire; 7. Voices in My Head; 8. Resurrect Your Soul; 9. Rattlesnake; 10. Man on Fire; 11. My Own Enemy; 12. Son of Scary; 13. Go It Alone.

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